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How does MSE work?

When you broadcast media content using, your data is sent to our Media Server ingest software. This software transcodes the ingested data, which is the process of taking a raw live video/audio and reformatting it to make it available for any device. Once the stream is reformatted, it gets pulled from Media Network’s infrastructure for last-mile delivery to the end users, which will be also sharing bandwidth with each other based on location and latency, as the example has Media PeerPool included.

Is there any limit in concurrent users or bandwidth?

No. You can push it as far as you can.

Who pays for the infrastructure?

Streaming and bandwidth fees are subsidized by the Media Foundation.

Who earns the subsidized fees?

Media Network is made up of many different computers run by many different people and organizations. Different actors within these networks earn a portion of the streaming and bandwidth fees sent by on your behalf.

Is it possible to run my own Media Server?

You can run a self-hosted instance of this software where your own rules apply. Github repo is available here

What is Media Server Express?

Media Server Express is an open source, decentralized and censorship-resistant live streaming hosting solution built using Media Server and powered by Media Network. Our service is free and there’s no signup or KYC required.

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